babiken agm rock v5--Purchase points for Runbo X5

     rugged phones--Runbo The brand was founded in 2011, the most distinctive feature of mobile phone brands, the

professional radio with three anti-cell phone combination, its products X1, X3, X5 is this type of product. In X5, for

example, supports PPT intercom 400-470MHz full U section, you can customize the 350-370MHz, supports a total of 38 67.0Hz-

250.3Hz CTCSS codec. (1 watt open area 5-10 km free intercom, urban 2-5 km). I have tried in the urban area of around 300

meters apart two office buildings (between two and one office), with two Runbo X5 intercom test, the effect is very clear.

Runbo X5 rugged phones overall configuration is very superior, IP67 protection standard, the overall sealing plastic bag

handling. Dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.3-inch WVGA (800 × 480) ips screen, 800w pixel camera, 1G RAM +4 G ROM. Dual card

dual standby (the current sub Telecom, China Unicom two specifications), built streamlined Android 4.0 system, running very

smoothly. Built-in 3800 mA battery, normal call volume can stand 3-4 days, which in the Android smart phone is rare. The

most valuable is price control in less than 2,000 yuan, very heartbreaker.

But Runbo X5 rugged phones is currently all three anti-cell phone, the largest size of a, 2.5cm thick and weighs 339 grams.

Not very convenient to carry, and a stronger sense of superior materials, plastic, for example, cover with a very thick

plastic bag plastic, rather than as a luxury SEALS TS3 galvanized steel backplane. But the fundamental, this veritable

brick, with its domineering appearance, high cost, so many fans love.

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