Science fiction becomes reality, High end Rugged waterproof smart phone--Runbo X5



Whether it's Available a phone will be  as a hammer hiting the nail and resistance frozen, underwater calling ? Some science fiction movie use the phone as a weapon, In fact, the mobile phone has been committed to research like that and research engineers study that how to  the phone of this fragile electronic products to create much more tough and strong, is not only a communication tool, but can be ready to respond to a variety of unexpected situations accoutrements. However, this is not science fiction, powerful technology vendors have made  this vision into reality! Recently, the RUNBO built a RUNBO X5, the world's first IP67 rated four anti-cell phone, it has fueled a strong crowd appeared, not only because of its strong momentum of the unique design, but by its super powers four anti-functional demo, so many mobile phone users were greatly surprised by the model of  Runbo x5.
Hit the nail, hammer walnuts, depth waterproof, resistant to freezing! Mobile phone industry's most powerful four anti equip-Runbo X5, combines high-tech features and luxury outdoor craft crafted, can achieve the industry's highest four defense capabilities, has passed ISO SGS Certification IP67 grade protection and the U.S. Army standard 810G test: support 8 waterproof, 6 dustproof, shockproof 1.2 m, 1.5 t anti-pressure, high temperature of 85 degrees, low temperature -40 degrees. Shell is made of military material, 4.3-inch screen for the aerospace grade tempered glass, running android 4.0, support dual card dual standby, 3800mAh large capacity battery; and adhering RUNBO phone luxury tough, high-quality personalized style, a high-end outdoor epoch-making masterpiece smartphones !
Runbo X5 in the perfect smart machine configuration and high-end smart phones to achieve a differentiated positioning of the four anti-function, the phone this fragile sense of technology electronic products and high-end concept to the extreme, the perfect interpretation of the phone personality label, all this is to meet the moment, the face of the proliferation of personalized arcade fresh technology of mobile phone users needs and desires! Runbo X5 unstoppable dark horse this horse, will be its perspicacity firm philosophy and a powerful explosive in the mobile space break a new world!